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Invizimals: Shadow Zone

Appearance Color

Blue,Pale,Orange,and Green

Flameclaw is a Fire type Invizimal. It resembles a hybrid of a scorpion and a firefly. It has flame tweezers and a fire-spitting tail. It is blue, with yellow (later green) eye's and spikes.

Hunting and CaptureEdit

In Invizimals and Invizimals Shadow Zone you can find Flameclaw on orange surfaces like glue stick's and plastic toys. To capture it in Invisimals to capture the flame scorpion you must draw a fire circle with the R button. If you run out of flames, shake the PSP to regain it.

A flameclaw

Flameclaw is one of the first required catch's in the game, so the capture is fairly easy. In Shadow Zone the capture is slightly harder. Flameclaw is one of the three invisimal's that avoided the erasing of you Invisimal data if you said you played the first game. To capture Flameclaw you must lead him across the remain's of you data to highlighted points. However you must beware of holes through out the data, which can be found when beeping is heard or if you fall into them. Flameclaw will mov

e to where your symbol is on the data when the X button is pressed. However this is only slightly harder then the original capture, but could be your first capture and Invizimal in the game. The other 2 options are Icelion and Hilltoper, all three appear as Dark Invizimal's later in the game, Regardless of which one you chose. Dark Flameclaw is used by Dawson during the story when he discovers Dark Invizimals and is under their control.

Other Appearences Edit

Flameclaw also appeared in Little Big Planet 2 as one of the Invizimal costumes.

Trivia Edit

  • Flameclaw, along with Hilltoper, Stingwing, and Icelion, are the only Invizimals in Shadow Zone whose capture instrutions are given by Jasmine.
  • Despite it being decribed as the "King of the Egyptian Desert" it is not mentioned or is required to be caught in Cairo (Likely due to the option of capturing it at the start of the game.) Nor does anyone in the tournament use it.
  • It shares it's name with a Cat from the "Warriors" book series.
  • It is one of the 3 starting fire Invizimals, along with Stingwing and Toxitoad