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'K'eni in Tokyo has discovered a way of seeing creatures that the human eye can't see. He calls these creatures Invizimals and you learn how to battle with them. You meet characters such as Jasmin, the sometimes freaky Dr. Dawson and the mysterious Sir Campbell. Dr. Dawson is also a mentor and ally to you, and will teach you the use of Vectors, attacks and others. When Keni is abducted, you must defeat the various club

leaders in the world and find a way to rescue him, in the meantime winning and earning more battles and collecting some more, but some friendships are not to be forever...


A year later after the first gme Keni is now looking for new Invizimals with Jasmine and Dr. Dawson. They discover that mythical creatures from legends are all Invizimals such as a Yeti, the Mexican Chupcabra, the Lochness Monster ect... As the story continues you unlock brand new Invizimals and loads of Vectors and Keni makes a discovery; some Invizimals seem to be much more agressive than others and are much more stronger too. These so called "Dark" Invizimals are very powerful and seem to be working for an old friend who should have died a whole year ago at the Viper's Nest...