Invizimals: The Lost Tribes, is the latest game in the Invizimals series. It includes a few new Invizimals, some from Invizimals: The Shadow Zone and some from the original game. The game still includes boss fights/captures from the Shadow Zone. In this installment in the series the story continues from the pervious games. Kenichi is still in the Invizimals world after thye left the human world from the previous game. You go looking for Kenichi, with no luck. Cambell is back in this one. And this game has the special of creating dark Invizimals, (you have to progress quite a bit in the game first to do so) these Invizimals have highly overpowered stats. For example Flameclaws attack can go up to 24, but when you turn it into a dark Invizimal it goes up to 32.