Jungle Dragon
Jungle dragon


Dragon Invizimal






Green, Yellow


Invizimals, Invizimals Shadow Zone

Appereance Color


Jungle Dragon is a rare and powerful Invizimal who cannot be captured normally and has to be obtained if you win a tournament. He is a Jungle Element. In Invizimals Shadow Zone you can actually team up with one other person online or locally and capture him together. He is originally green and orange.

How to captureEdit

In the original Invizimals you will have to max out a jungle invizimal to unlock a tournament in a place called "Jungle Ruins". you must beat every opponent until you reach the leader. He has the Jungle Dragon. Afetr you beat him you'll unlock the Jungle Tournament.If you beat him at the tournament you'll have to option to obtain, forgive or destroy his dragon. If you choose obtain the dragon it will be added to your collection.

In Invizimals Shadow Zone you have the chance to team up with one other person and capture him together when you reach a certain point in the game. You can team up with another person you may know or may not know online via infrastucture or with a friend via ad-hoc mode.


He's only form is actually a dragon but painted green and yellow.