-Stingwing is a Fire Invizimals that can be upgraded to a Max Form.

-It has basic stats, perfect for first-time Invizimal trainers.

-It's Fire attribute makes it invincible to Burn attacks, and the Meteor Strike/Fire Blast Vectors.


-When the Stingwing is young, it resembles a fire ant, and flies quickly arund the battlefield. While it is being viewed in the Stats screen, it is shown training for it's next battle.

-When the Stingwing is an aduly, and has not been genetically enhanced to it's Max Form, it takes on a more laid-back attitude and is now capable of walking on two legs, although it flies in the battles it is in.

-In it's Max form, the Stingwing has larger Electro-Wings, two large (electric) Thorax, and another set of arms, along with jaws on it's face. In this state, it actually resembles more of a Hornet.


-The Stingwing is one of the only Invizimals that wears clothing.

-The Stingwing is a Fire Invizimal, although it is made of electricity.

-As it evolves, the Stingwing's attacks get slower.

-The Stingwing grows darker as it evolves.

-The Stingwing is female, and female only.

-The Stingwing is the first Invizimal the player captures, and should be the first one evolved because of it's easy to handle attributes.

-The Stingwing is the first Invizimal in the Catalog.

-The Stingwing can walk on two legs, but rarely does so.